Gas chromatography software

for process/lab analyses

LDchroma software is used to control the internal components of the MultiDetek2 gas chromatograph and make the bridge with the surrounding industrial environment and the rest of the world offering a full remote control of your instrument.


LDchroma can talk with automated systems using Modbus, Profibus or Profinet (other protocols available on request) depending on the requirements. It is generally used to send/receive any type of commands and results with the plant.

For the remote control of the LDchroma software, the Ethernet connection also allows the use of any type of remote control software compatible with Windows. It becomes easy to operate your gas analyser at distance and also select your desired method/stream and even calibrate it.

LDreport for data management

LDreport can perform many different types of report format. You can customize the analysis certificate as you desire. LDreport can save in multiple format as pdf, excel and html. You can also print it on your local printer or any printer connected on the network. Adding company logo and other custom information can be put on the report template as well.

LDreport is also used as database where you have access to all chromatograms and results from your instrument. It is very useful to compare results, trends, chromatograms by selecting any period range. LDreport is well designed to simplified backup, searching, and trending of chromatography data.