System integration into 19" RACKMOUNT cabinets

Semiconductor & industrial gases applications


LDetek also offers a portable solution for gas analysis. Its robust transportable rackmount enclosure with carrying handles and wheels is the perfect solution when moving the analyser to different locations is required.

The system allows quick starting mode by having the LDP1000 series integrated gas purifier for carrier and reference gas integrity in place. High purity isolation valves are also mounted to isolate the system against air contamination during transportation. All gas connections are mounted on the back plate for an easy and quick access.

A stream selection system and gas regulators can be mounted on the front panel for proper sample regulation before entering into the analyser.

Gas chromatograph or online gas analyser can be integrated in our solution easily. Our analyser design with its front door gives a full access to inside the instrument easily. An integrated touchscreen interface and PC allows direct access to data. A remote access is also available in all our instruments.

Anti vibration protection system is in place in each corner to minimize the vibrations and reduce the risk to damage the system during transportation.



-XXX Operating Voltage
  • 120: 120 volts
  • 220: 220 volts
-X Cabinet Brand
  • R: Rittal
  • B: Bud
  • P: Pellican
  • H: Hammond
-X # of streams
  • 1-20
-X Isolation valves (3x) for LDP1000 purifier
  • 1-3
-XXX Analyzer mounted on slide out system
  • 1SO: 1 unit
  • 2SO: 2 units
  • 3SO: 3 units
-XXXX Inlet Fittings
  • 2C: 1/8’’ compression
  • 4SWG: 1/4’’ compression
  • 2VCR: 1/8’’ VCR
  • 4VCR: 1/4’’ VCR
-XXXX Outlet Fittings
  • 2C: 1/8’’ compression
  • 4C: 1/4’’ compression
  • 2VCR: 1/8’’ VCR
  • 4VCR: 1/4’’ VCR
  • 1NPT: 1’’ NPT manifold pipe
  • 1CP: 1’’ compression manifold pipe
-XX Heating and cooling system
  • AC: air conditioning
  • HI: heating and isolation
-XXX Additional options
  • OW: Orbital welding
  • TPA: third party analyser installed
  • TEB: Eyes bolt for lift transport
  • GFD: Glass front door
  • BMD: Back metal door
  • FBD: Fan mounted on back door
  • UPS: UPS battery backup
  • TW: transport wheels
  • H2E: H2 exhaust
  • H2V: H2 safety shutoff valve
  • LEL: LEL hazardous gas sensor


  Rittal Bud Hammond Pellican
A/C X   X  
Heated/Isolated     X  
Size 42U X   X  
Size 38U X      
Size 30U   X    
Size 9U       X
Plastic       X
Steel X X X  
316L SS     X  
304 SS X   X  
Color Black   X   X
Color Light gray RAL7035 X   X  
Rackmount 19’’ X X X X
Portable       X
IP66 X   X  
Nema 12 X   X  
Nema 4X X   X  
Outside installation (-30C to +40C)     X  

LDrack Application Notes