Compact Gas chromatograph

With its plug and play philosophy and offering more features than ever, LDetek pushes further the possibilities with its new chromatograph system. It provides an attractive and cost effective solution for the industrial and laboratory market.

Based on the LDetek high performance detection technology, this stand-alone Gas Chromatograph is a flexible and customized platform providing the best solution for any type of gas analysis.


  • Application dependant
standard features
  • Manual or autoranging (user selectable)
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Windows 7 embedded user friendly interface
  • Ethernet port for remote control
  • Isothermal and/or programmed ramping ovens
  • Electronic flow control regulators for carrier & sample gases
  • 8.4'' LCD large touch screen
  • Self diagnosis system with auto-resolve alarm
  • 4-20 mA isolated outputs
  • Alarm Historic
  • Digital system status output for remote monitoring (dry relay contact)
  • 2 alarms contact
  • High resolution Chromatogram output
  • Serial communication (RS232/485) / Profibus / Modbus / Ethernet
  • Compact purifier attached to the chassis for generating high purity carrier gas
  • Integrated stream selector system
  • Digital input for remote starting
  • Analog inputs for connecting external instruments
  • Remote control for stream selector (LDGSS)
  • Purged valve box
  • Heated valve box
  • Monitoring system for hazardous gases
gas connections
  • Sample: 1/8'' compression fittings or 1/8 VCR
  • Vent: 1/8'' compression fitting
calibration gas
  • Zero: LDP1000 purified gas (Getter)
  • Span: 70% to 90% of the scale
sample pressure requirements
  • 10 to 30 PSIG
carrier pressure requirements
  • 100 PSIG
operating temperature
  • 10°C to 45°C
  • 115 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz or 220 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz



In compliance with EMC directive 2004/108/EC, EN 61000-6-2:2005 for immunity & EN 61000-6-4:2007 for emissions.

MultiDetek2 Chart V1

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MultiDetek 2 Application Notes

LD18-01 - Measurement of trace impurities in Germane (GeH4) for electronic gas industry using PlasmaDetek2 and MultiDetek2

AN_LD18-01.pdf (680 Ko)

LD18-02 - Measurement of part per billion H2-CO-N2-CH4-CO2 in UHP gases for semiconductor

application_note_LD18-02 (2,3 Mo)

LD17-04 - Trace impurities in Carbon Dioxide for beverage and food packaging industry

application_note_LD17-04 (2,2 Mo)

LD17-01 - Trace Hydrocarbons and Permanent gases in Propylene

AN-LD17-01.pdf (0,92 Mo)

LD16-13 - Measurement of Greenhouse gases GHG

AN-LD16-13.pdf (1,33 Mo)

LD16-12 - trace impurities in Carbon Dioxide for beverage and food packaging industry

Application note LD16-12 (2,10 Mo)

LD16-11 - Measurement of trace impurities in multiple bulk gases

Application note LD16-11 (2,97 Mo)

LD16-10 - Measurement of trace Ar-Kr and N2 in a bulk gas Oxygen

Application note LD16-10 (1,12 Mo)

LD16-09 - Measurement of trace impurities in UHP hydrogen

Application note LD16-09 (636 Ko)

LD16-08 - Measurement of hydrocarbons in UHP Oxygen using the MultiDetek 2 and PlasmaDetek-E

Application note LD16-08 (1,68 Mo)

LD16-07 - Measurement of impurities in UHP Argon using the MultiDetek 2 and PlasmaDetek 2

AN-LD16-07 (709 ko)

LD16-05 - Refinery gas analyses with MultiDetek2 compact gas chromatograph and PlasmaDetek2 gas detector

AN_LD16-05 (916 ko)

LD16-04 - Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) purity analysis using the MultiDetek 2 and PlasmaDetek 2

AN-LD16-04 (496 ko)

LD16-03 - Measurement of part per billion H2-NMHC-CH4-N2-CO2-CO for semiconductor gases

Application note_LD16-03 (1,66 Mo)

LD16-02 - Analysis of hydrocarbons, CO2, N2O in Oxygen with the MultiDetek2 compact GC system using Nitrogen as carrier gas and the PlasmaDetek-E detection technology

Application note_LD16-02 (665 Ko)

LD16-01 - Air analysis using the MultiDetek2 and PlasmaDetek2

Application note_LD16-01 (955 Ko)

LD15-09 - Measurement of THT in natural gas using MultiDetek2 and PlasmaDetek2

Application note_LD15-09 (1,38 mo)

LD15-08 - Measurement of impurities in UHP helium using MultiDetek2 and PlasmaDetek2

Application Note LD15-08 (0,8 Mo)

LD15-04 - Measurement of silane purity in electronic gases industry

Application Note LD15-04 (1,8 Mo)

LD15-03 Measurement of part per billion N2O in air

Application note LD15-03 (1,7 Mo)

LD15-02 - Measurement of part per billion Ar and N2 in oxygen for semiconductor industry

Application note LD15-02 (1,5 Mo)

LD15-01 - Measurement of hydrocarbons, including the organic hormone (Ethylene) in CO2 production with MultiDetek-2 and PlasmaDetek-E

Application note LD15-01 (1,6 Mo)

LD14-01 - Light hydrocarbons measurement with the *PlasmaDetek-E system with nitrogen carrier gas and the MultiDetek-2.

Application Note LD14-01 847 Ko

LD13-01 - Analysis of UHP Hydrogen production using Plasmadetek-2 & micro GC Multidetek-2

Application Note LD13-01.pdf (1.1 Mo)

LD12-9 Hydrocarbons measurement for Oxygen production using PlasmaDetek & Multidetek-2

Application Note LD12-9 (2,8 Mo)