Traps and accessories

Why using traps?

They are necessary to remove interference components in carrier and sample gas used for GC's and on-line instruments. For the GC's, a combination of moisture, hydrocarbons and Oxygen traps is used to prevent column degradation what is well known to increase detector noise and create ghost peaks. The use of such traps is also necessary on Make-up gas that must also be interference free.

A selection of single component removal traps or multi-components removal traps is also necessary to remove interference components presents in sample lines with on-line instruments.

Our selection of traps is normally used when the LDP1000 (Gas purifier) cannot be used.

Moisture removal LDH20-T

Our Moisture Trap LDH2O-T is used to remove moisture at the outlet of it. It can be installed on any carrier gas line, make-up gas line and sample line to remove moisture interference. Different sizes and connection types are available depending of the flow rate and the outlet purity specifications needed.

Hydrocarbon removal LDHC-T

The hydrocarbons trap series are commonly used when trace HC's is present is sample, carrier or make-up gas lines. Presence of hydrocarbons in gas lines creates a deterioration of some type of detector like common PED. Different sizes and connection types are available depending of the flow rate and the outlet purity specifications needed.

Oxygen removal LDO2-T

The Oxygen traps series are also offer with numerous configuration types that can cover any needs.

Multi-components removal LDH2O/HC/O2-T

Our LDetek special trap that combines removal of H2O/HC's and O2 in one unit is also a great alternative when the removal of all interference components is necessary. It avoids having complex tubing configuration with multiple fittings that increase leakage possibilities in the installation. Our Multi-Components trap can be configured the way you need it.

LDEPC electronic flow controller

LDetek is now offering its LDEPC as a stand alone flow controller unit for any gas type. Its high purity design combined with multiple communication mean is the ideal tool for gas flow control. This tool can be controlled with analog voltage, SPI, serial or usb port.


The Mini-LDP1000 gas purifier is the best solution for generating high purity Argon/Helium/Nitrogen/Hydrogen and other noble gases for any gas chromatograph when space available is restricted. Its compact design is ideal for portable gas analyzer. It is also the best solution to avoid problems coming from any source of contaminations that results to columns degradation and detector instability.


LDetek can also offer a large selection of Packed type columns that can cover your needs for any GC application. Our columns can be coiled within your specifications and can be activated/regenerated in house. LDetek also have the capabilities to configure your custom request. We can also offers numerous types of columns ending:

  • Stainless Steel or Brass Double ferrules type
  • Stainless Steel single ferrules type
  • Stainless Steel Face Seal fittings type
  • Silver brazed type
  • Argotek column LD12-3
  • HSR-Etek column LD12-7

Traps & Accessories Application Notes

LD12-7 Analysis of Neon-Hydrogen-Argon-Krypton-Nitrogen with the PlasmaDetek & the HSR-Etek column

Application Note LD12-7 (819 Ko)