LDT-09 - Application of PlasmaDetek in Determination of Trace Neon in High Purity Helium

LDT-09 (838 ko) Abstract Trace neon in helium prepared by gravimetric method was determined by gas chromatography with plasma emission detector and discharge ionization detector. Sensitivity and repeatability of trace neon in different detector were compared.


LDT-08 (783 ko) Hydrogenics is a leading developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation and hydrogenbased power systems. We have a proven track-record with over 60-years of experience in fuel cell technology and innovation.
Hydrogenics helps companies reduce their footprint by reducing carbon emissions and producing clean renewable energy that can be sent back into the power grid. Hydrogenics super-dense PEM fuel cell allows for large-scale energy storage with unprecedented high-overload capability.

LDT-07 - Trace N2O analysis for greenhouse application using PlasmaDetek2 mounted on Agilent 7890 GC

LDT-07 (746 ko) As part of a research project for measuring greenhouse gases in France, more precisely for the N2O and CO2 for multiple soil sample analysis having a wide range of concentrations, the use of the PlasmaDetek2 (PED) detector and the Agilent 7890 GC combined with the Headspace 111 auto sampler system have been used in this proposed solution.

LDT-06 - Analysis of hydrocarbons using PlasmaDetek2 mounted on DANI Master GC

LDT-06 (334 ko) At Microbial Analytics Sweden AB we have investigated gases dissolved in water for over two decades. The water is collected from deep boreholes in solid rock and the gases are dissolved in the water under very high pressure. The background is that some of these gases might act as fuel for microorganisms; other gases indicate ongoing microbiological processes. It is important to investigate these mechanisms because they might endanger long-term storage of for instance spent nuclear fuel. Also, in a shorter time span other structures underground might be heavily corroded by such mechanisms.

LDT-05 - Analysis of trace impurities in electronic grade hydrogen using PlasmaDetek2 mounted on Agilent 6890 GC

LDT-05 (522 ko)

Impurities(Ar-O2-N2-CH4-CO-CO2) analysis of electronic grade Hydrogen at 10 to 20ppb level with the PDHID and Plasmadetek 2.

This analyzer has been configured with two independent channels, front channel for impurities(Ar-O2-N2-CH4-CO) measurement by PDHID and back channel for impurities(CO2,n-C2~4) measurement by PED . The system is based on a GC 6890N from Agilent equipped with electronic pressure control module. Two low leak rate 6 port and 4 port switching valves with Molsieve 5A column to perform bulk Hydrogen heart-cut technic and assure the baseline separation for Ar and O2 in H2 gas sample.

LDT-04 - PlasmaDetek solutions mounted on Perkin Elmer GC

LDT-04 (220 ko) Antelia integrated PlasmaDetek series solutions in many GCs over the last years and is proud of its strong expertise for developing high performance applications. Antelia works with Perkin Elmer lab GC platform to develop their solutions. On top of that, Antelia also integrates PlasmaDetek on the compact GAS GC. Depending on the applications, Antelia uses the GAS compact series or the Perkin Elmer desktop GC.

LDT-03 - Analysis of impurities in Argon using PlasmaDetek2 mounted on a GAS Compact GC

LDT-03 (503 ko) Due to Helium shortage, gas suppliers see an increased request for alternative gases. Their clients demand high purity with exact specification for various applications like instrumental use and industrial production. Often PDD (Pulsed Discharge Detector) is used for measuring impurities in bulk gases. But in case of determining the purity of Argon, separation problems arise with this detector because Helium is used as carrier gas and the bulk Argon elutes close to Oxygen. The Plasmadetek-2 from LDetek offers the perfect solution here, since Argon is used as carrier gas, and therefore the bulk peak is not seen at all.

LDT-02 - Analysis of trace impurities in different gas matrix using PlasmaDetek mounted on Agilent 7890 GC

LDT-02 (280 ko) Application: Online analysis of four different streams. Monitoring nitrogen and impurities (H2, CH4, HCs,O2 and CO2) at low level in Helium matrix with the PlasmaDetek.

LDT-01 - Analysis of permanent gases in different matrix using PlasmaDetek mounted on a Perkin Elmer GC

LDT-01 (318 ko) The goal of this application is to analyze permanent gases in different matrix used for electronic
industry. The investigation of these impurities is important for gas providers to ensure the high purity
of their products to their customers.